samedi 18 février 2012

Right On Time for WP7

This time, it's Microsoft turn to organize an event to make students win smartphones, so I wanted to participate (see here).

I have chosen to port Right On Time to the Windows phones, because this app deserved to be used by more people (because very few people own a N900 at EPFL...).

Finally, the application provides the same main functionalities of the original Maemo version :
-Quick preview of next course, Camipro card balance, and next M1 departures.
-The possibility to see all the courses of the week on a single screen.
-The menus of the restaurants.

Note that some features were dropped :
-no more export to the phone stock calendar. This is due to a limitation of the WP7 SDK.
-no more restaurant suggestion based on a list of favorite food. Anyway, I think that filling this list was too boring to be used.

I hope this app will serve more people than the previous one. Don't hesitate to leave me a comment, I am open to all ideas for improving it !

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