vendredi 23 juillet 2010

Right On Time

After Android, I tried Maemo programming, with Qt.

Right On Time is an application created for Nokia campus application contest 2010 at EPFL, and it won ! The purpose is providing to EPFL students as much information as possible, and easier from a mobile phone.

This program has the following features :
-Automatic schedule retrieval, week view without scrolling, and export to the usual N900 calendar.
-Next course, its time, location and the map to access the room.
-Next M1 departures.
-Menus of all restaurants, and proposal using a list of favorite food.
-Camipro card balance.

The schedule feature can spare much time, because the user doesn't have to rewrite his schedule to his favorite digital agenda.
The M1 and Camipro frames are useful sometimes.
The menus feature should be used every day by people who choose restaurants to eat only what they prefer.

I hope this app will useful for many people, an Android port could be released...

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